It all starts with a conversation

What I Write

I do copywriting and brand messaging for products, brands, entertainment properties, apps, services, ad infinitum. If it's something people need, I like to let them know why the need it. 

How I Write

I put myself in the place of the reader, aka the consumer. I like to get inside this person's mind, think of where they're coming from, and address them as they are, not as we may want them to be. I remember the best advice I ever got about writing: you're not addressing a whole bunch of people, you're only talking to one person. I like to talk to that person with a clear, concise, and compelling voice. 

Why I Write

Every product or brand I've written for has been extraordinarily complex. I like to roll up my sleeves and try to find the one or two essential features of my subjects. Nothing makes me happier than to take a complicated proposition and distill it into one perfect sentence.